The coffee tree has a long history, no one knows exactly when coffee was discovered, but legend says the goat herder in Kafffa (Ethiopian plateau) first discovered these coffee beans in 1671, after feeding the berries to his goats, they became so energetic and ran all night. The goat herder reported his findings to the monks of the local monastery. They made a drink with the berries and found that it kept them awake for a long time. Since then, knowledge of the coffee beans began to spread.

In Vietnam, the Arabica coffee was first introduced around 1857 by French missionaries and experimentally grown in monasteries in some areas of the Northern Region such as Phu Ly, Ha Nam. Later on, the coffee trees were found to grow well in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces, then continue to spread to the central provinces such as Quang Tri, Quang Binh. The coffee trees were gradually developed into the South Central Highlands & the Southeast Region. Later, Tay Nguyen, the central Highlands region, was discovered to have ideal conditions for coffee cultivation, especially Robusta coffee.

After the Arabica coffee bean was brought to Vietnam around 1857, in 1908, the French brought in two new varieties which were the Robusta and Liberica beans. After a while, the Westerners found that the Arabica coffee did not generate great economical returns, therefore they brought the Robusta bean from Congo and planted in the Central Highlands where the climate provided optimal coffee-growing conditions. The area of coffee trees was then increasing and the Central Highlands has quickly become the largest region of Robusta coffee plantation in the country. Robusta coffee products have been well known as a symbol of pride for the people of the Central Highlands in general and Gia Lai in particular.

In the context of growing economic integration, Bien Ho Coffee brand was born and quickly adapted to that trend. With managing team members who have extensive and experiences in many different industries, who lived and worked in international environments for a long time, are now coming to Vietnam with the passion to bring Vietnamese coffee to the world, hoping to contribute innovative breakthroughs to the construction and economic development of the Central Highlands.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning has gradually become a habit of many Vietnamese people. In the past, coffee used to be an expensive beverage. But nowadays, it has become an affordable daily drink, with diverse taste and brewery methods. Bien Ho Coffee is presented as a unique culinary art, enriched with national cultural identity. From a luxury to street store vibe, from everywhere you can enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee, spreading abundant energy for a new day.

To create a high-quality coffee product, Bien Ho Coffee has gone through lots of experimental and refinery stages, starting from planting and cultivating, harvesting and preliminary process, to the final stages of roasting and packaging. In addition, the distribution of products to customers is also an important step, paving its way to promote Bien Ho Coffee brand into a national brand.

Bien Ho Coffee always tries to bring to customers and consumers a unique and charming coffee flavor that no other brand can offer.