Bien Ho Coffee | Aiming to become a national coffee brand.
100% Pure – Rich in national identity

Bien Ho (also known as T’Nung Lake) is known as the most scenic place that nature bestows on the locals who were born and grown up in Gia Lai province. This place is famous for the vast red basalt lands, which has gone deep into the historical and cultural life of the whole Central Highlands. In the coffee industry, the red basalt land of the Central Highlands is the place popular for the quality and output of coffee with two main types of coffee – Robusta and Arabica.

This place is also the largest raw coffee bean production area in the country, contributing greatly to Vietnam’s annual export earnings. In the context that the government is encouraging local enterprises to innovate, proactively blending with the international market and promote products of the Central Highlands to the global, the brand “BIEN HO COFFEE” was born and registered for exclusive protection in October 2022 and pioneered in creating unique roasted and brewing coffee products, imbued with the national identity of Gia Lai-Central Highlands.

“BIEN HO COFFEE” has set a goal of becoming a well-known coffee brand for production and distribution in Gia Lai after a year of establishment. And become a strong national brand in Vietnam after two years of operation while progressively bolstering its presence in ASEAN countries, EU and the United States in the following years.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers, partners, and associates, who have contributed to the success of the brand “BIEN HO COFFEE”.