What is Mocha? How to make hot and iced Mocha Coffee

Mocha is an attractive drink for young people today. But what is Mocha ? What are other names for this coffee line? What is the historical origin and how to make the best cup of Mocha coffee? All information will be presented in the following article.

What is Mocha?


Cafe Mocha is a drink with a combination of Espresso, hot milk and very attractive chocolate sauce flavor. It is these ingredients that create the most perfect mixture, which is the bitter taste of coffee combined with the feeling of deposition of chocolate.

What is Cafe Mocha?
Mocha is a combination of Espresso, hot milk and chocolate sauce flavor.

Cafe Mocha is very suitable as a refreshment on hot days. With a mild taste, low caffeine content is suitable for even those who are not used to drinking coffee. Also because of the low caffeine content, it does not cause insomnia. Therefore, this drink is very popular with young people, especially in the US.

Other names

In addition to the usual Mocha name, people around the world can also use their own language to read this coffee. In which words such as: Coffee Mocha, Mocaccino, Mochaccino, Mochachino, Moka, Mokha, Mocca, etc. They are used together to refer to a type of coffee mixed with chocolate.

However, there is a coincidence of these names with a famous coffee variety, Moka. This easily leads to confusion, so if you want to call the drink name correctly, you should use the word “Mocha” as the most accurate.

The difference of Mocha coffee

  • Mocha Coffee : Use Espresso coffee base, combine milk and chocolate sauce with a moderate amount. Especially when mixing must use the heat of steam.
  • Espresso coffee:  Roasted and brewed by machine with high pressure. Therefore, the product will be very concentrated and you can enjoy the full taste of coffee. This is also the main raw material for making other coffee-based drinks.
  • Capuchino coffee:  Also uses Espresso but combined with milk in hot form and milk foam is created during the preparation process. Many people can also use milk foam to create many beautiful shapes.
  • Coffee Latte:  Has identical ingredients to Capuchino. However, the ratio between milk foam and hot milk is 1:2 so it will increase the fat content of the product.
  • Americano Coffee:  A form of diluting Espresso with double the amount of water to reduce bitterness. This is the way to enjoy the food that most Americans choose because they want to have a delicious taste but not too harsh.
mocha coffee difference
Mocha uses Espresso as a background, adding milk and chocolate.
Thus, it can be seen that compared to other types of coffee, Mocha has a unique way of processing with typical chocolate ingredients. You cannot find in any other drink the perfect combination of bitter and sweet taste like Mocha coffee.

How to make a delicious cup of Mocha coffee

After knowing what Mocha coffee is, what its typical flavor is, do you want to try to make yourself and your family a great cup of Mocha coffee? If yes, please join us in the following sequence of steps.

Prepare materials

Once you understand the nature of Mocha, you will certainly know what you should prepare in advance. That is:

  • Espresso coffee: Must be brewed by machine and guaranteed to be made from the best coffee beans.
  • UHT milk.
  • Black or white chocolate sauce is fine.
  • Cocoa powder.

In addition, another very important part is that you need to fully prepare the following machines:

  • Coffee machine: The type with milk frother.
  • Coffee grinder: If you already have pre-ground coffee that is qualified for Espresso, you do not need to prepare this step.
  • Milk shaker in case of hot brew or shaker for cold brew.
  • Measuring cup (Zic measuring) with ml lines to give the most accurate ratio.

How to make hot mocha coffee

To be able to create the most standard flavor, in  the way of making your mocha coffee,  you need to strictly adhere to the ratio that we give. According to our example below, it will be enough to make a size M coffee for 1 person to drink.

hot mocha coffee
How to make a hot cup of Mocha coffee.

Ratio of ingredients:

  • Espresso coffee ranges from 25-30ml
  • Pasteurized fresh milk: Measure correctly 180ml
  • Chocolate liquid (sauce): Exactly 15ml
  • Cocoa powder depends on each person’s preferences

The steps are very simple:

  1. Heat a porcelain cup by pouring a small amount of boiling water inside, let it sit for a while, then pour it out and dry the cup.
  2. Pour the prepared chocolate sauce into the cup.
  3. Take the milk into the mixing bowl and add the pre-mixed Espresso.
  4. Heat the fresh milk to create a foam similar to how to make a latte while waiting for the coffee to flow.
  5. Create a coffee topping by sprinkling some cocoa powder on top.
  6. Pour milk into the coffee and can shape it to your liking.

So you can finish a cup of hot Mocha coffee ready to enjoy. When drinking, you have to stir from bottom to top so that the chocolate layer blends with the coffee and milk to have the correct flavor.

How to make iced mocha coffee

The proportions of ingredients in the ice phase are slightly different from the hot phase as follows:

Ratio of ingredients:

  • The amount of Espresso coffee is now double, from 50-60ml
  • Fresh milk without sugar reduced to 80ml
  • Sauce chocolate also only use 10ml is enough
  • Also need to add 10ml of water sugar
  • Ice cubes are also indispensable
iced mocha
How to make an iced Mocha coffee.

How to prepare:

  1. Put the milk, chocolate sauce and sugar in a shaker.
  2. Add the prepared Espresso, add ice, close the lid tightly and shake well.
  3. Pour the resulting mixture into a cup, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top to create a surface.

So you have completed an attractive cold mocha glass. To increase the deliciousness of the fat, you can also add a little cream on top.

A few notes when making Mocha coffee

To have the best product, you need to know the following notes:

Note when making Mocha coffee
To get a good cup of Mocha coffee, you need to know a few things.
  • Coffee used to create Espresso must be pure coffee and roasted to a moderate degree to create the most delicious product.
  • You can use some other ways like moka pot to make coffee instead of espresso. However, according to our assessment, it is best to use the machine.
  • The first step when making hot Mocha is to warm the cup. If you skip this step, the chocolate will easily stick to the cup and degrade the taste.
  • Fresh milk should choose pasteurized and unsweetened to keep the fat, if using milk with sugar will affect the taste more or less.

So you know  where Mocha coffee comes from, how it tastes and how to prepare it properly. The important thing when making Caffè Mocha is choosing ingredients, making delicious Espresso and having a reasonable ratio of ingredients. Good luck.

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