What is salted coffee? How to make Hue-Style salted coffee recipe

Have you heard of salted coffee? Wondering what salted coffee is? Why does coffee have salt? Does the taste of coffee have anything unique compared to pure coffee or coffee with added sugar and milk? The answer will be right in the article below.

The story of salted coffee

Salted coffee was first known in Hue. This coffee flavor is said to be a special recipe of a garden cafe located on Nguyen Luong Bang street. Until now, many people still do not have much information about the true origin as well as the inspiration to create this unique way of making coffee.

origin of salted coffee
The first known salted coffee in Hue.

The nature of coffees will often have a bitter taste. However, more or less bitter taste will depend on each person’s mixing method. Just like adding milk or sugar, salt is also a condiment to help users soften the bitterness of coffee. Not only that, adding salt to coffee will help release sodium ions. This factor both helps to reduce the bitterness of coffee and arouse the flavor to make the drink more delicious and attractive.

 How to make simple salted coffee at home

how to make salted coffee
To make salted coffee, you need to prepare the tools as instructed.

Tools, preparation

  • Whole coffee: 25g (about 3 teaspoons)
  • 25ml condensed milk.
  • 100ml of water boiled at 95 degrees Celsius.
  • 200ml vegetable fat cream.
  • 5g fine salt
  • Ice.

Steps to take

To get a delicious cup of salted coffee in the right way, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1 : Use boiled water to rinse the filter. This will help reduce the temperature difference during the brewing process. Moreover, when using boiling water to rinse, it will help keep the filter warm. This factor will cause the coffee powder to expand evenly, which will make a cup of coffee with the most delicious taste.

Step 2:  Put 3 tablespoons of pure coffee powder into the filter. Place the filter on top of the glass. Squeeze the coffee powder with moderate force.

Step 3:  Pour about 45ml of boiling water into the filter to brew coffee for about 2 minutes for the coffee powder to expand evenly. Continue to pour another 50ml of boiling water into the filter. Wait for the coffee to drip until the water in the filter runs out.

make salt coffee
The steps for making salted coffee are similar to filter coffee.

Step 4:  While waiting for the coffee to drip, add 5g of salt to 200ml of vegetable fat cream. Use a mixer to whip the mixture for 2-3 minutes.

Step 5:  Put 25ml of condensed milk into the brewed coffee. Then add 15-20ml of salted cream mixture to get a finished cup of salted coffee.

Notes for a Hue-Style salted coffee recipe

Making salted coffee can be said to be simple, but not everyone can get a delicious drink as desired. In the process of preparing and enjoying, you should note a few information below.


Whether it’s coffee mixed with salt or milk or sugar, the ingredient factor always plays a very important role. The taste of coffee is really delicious and pure or not will be determined by your choice of quality coffee. You should choose pure coffee. It is best to use coffee beans.

pure clean coffee
Use pure coffee from reputable suppliers for a better cup of coffee.

Tips for making a delicious cup of coffee

The taste of salted coffee will be greatly influenced by the coffee making equipment. Especially the phase filter, it is best to use aluminum filter.

salt coffee maker
You need to prepare an aluminum filter and use filtered water to make the best cup of salted coffee.

In addition, the water used to make coffee should be boiled filtered water.

How to enjoy it

In fact, the way to drink salted coffee is not much different from coffee with milk or sugar. You can choose to drink it hot right after making it. You can add a few ice cubes to get a cool and delicious drink.

enjoy salted coffee
You can enjoy salted coffee like filter coffee.

It can be seen that
salted coffee is a typical drink of Hue. However, up to now, this brewing method has become the choice of many coffee “believers”. For those who love coffee and want to discover new coffee flavors, it will be difficult to refuse this. The combination with salt will help the coffee have a unique character in both flavor and taste.

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